Google Developer Student Clubs opens Team Lead applications for undergraduate students from Pakistan

Google has opened applications for Developer Student Clubs Leads for undergraduate students in Pakistan for the first time ever. DSC is Google’s initiative which trains thousands of student developers every year and this program was previously not available in Pakistan.

These student clubs are lead by a Team Lead who is selected based on his/her experience in development side and his prominence in his/her’s university. Google will personally collaborate and assist the Team Lead in opening the student club in the respective university campus.

One of the success stories of these developer clubs is that of a deaf student who successfully became an Android app developer thanks to proper mentorship and coaching from her club. Check out the video below from Google for more info:

A recent survey conducted by Google shows that 83% of the former Team Leads of the DSC got a job or an internship due to their experience in managing the club. This is a prime opportunity for students in Pakistan to enhance their skills and assist their peers in IT through collaboration with Google.

The deadline for the applications is May 15 and the form is 8 pages long but isn’t that extensive. The eligibility criteria states that students must at least have 1.5 years left in their respective universities before they sign up plus you have to make a 30-sec video introducing yourself and get a recommendation from a Faculty member from your university.

You can fill out the form to apply for the DSC Lead position here.


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